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Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete by James Dean

Title: Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete
Author & Illustrator: James Dean
Length: 24 pages
Publisher: HarperFestival
Classification: Children's Book
Release Date: October 6, 2015
Source: Library Book
When Pete's friends don't want to play the same games as he does, Pete has a great idea—he'll build a robot that's just like him! But when Robo-Pete gets a little out of control, Pete realizes the best thing about his friends is that no matter what they like to play, it's always fun when they're all together.
This Pete the Cat 8x8 storybook by New York Times bestselling artist James Dean comes complete with stickers!
Cutie Pie is 10 years old & Cutie Pie #2 is 6 years old

First Thoughts:

Cutie Pie: It wasn't very exciting to me.

Cutie Pie #2: It was good.

What is this book about?

Cutie Pie #1: It is about Pete being upset because his friends won't play with him. So he builds a robot friend, then he plays with him instead.

Cutie Pie #2: Pete makes a robot, but he isn't having much fun. But then the robot crashes and Pete sees his friends and they do stuff together.

What was your favorite part of the story?

Cutie Pie: I didn't really have one.

Cutie Pie #2: All of it.

Why did you like it/why don't you have one??

Cutie Pie: It was all pretty okay, I guess.

Cutie Pie #2: Because it was Pete the Cat.

Is there anything you didn't like about this book?

Cutie Pie: It was a little boring.

Cutie Pie #2: Nope.

Do you like the illustrations?

Cutie Pie: Yes.

Cutie Pie #2: Yes, I like them.

Who do you think will like this book?

Cutie Pie: Pete the Cat lovers and little kids. 

Cutie Pie #2: People who like cats. And people who like Pete the Cat. And little kids.


Cutie Pie:
Cutie Pie #2

We checked out Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete because the girls usually love reading Pete the Cat books. This time, my younger daughter enjoyed the story more than her older sister. I found this story to be another fun Pete the Cat adventure.
In this book, Pete wants to play baseball, but all of his friends have other things they are busy doing. So Pete decides to build Robo-Pete. Thinking that he will want to do all the fun things that Pete wants to do. And he does, but things don't go the way Pete was hoping.
The story is entertaining and funny at times. Kids can see how things don't always work out the way they were thinking or hoping that it would. Definitely recommend reading this book if you have read and enjoyed other Pete the Cat books.

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