Book Blogger Resources

As I have been blogging, I have come across some awesome bloggers and posts that are full of helpful book blogging information. I have decided to share some of these links, in the hope that it will help some other bloggers, like they have helped me.
(I hope to keep adding to the list as I continue to come across more helpful posts!)

This blog is awesome. She has a lot of helpful tips, information, and tutorials. (Like a video tutorial on how to make your blockquote have a colored background!)

This is another awesome blog. With design, tutorials, tips, and coding! (A lot for Wordpress.)

Do you know of some helpful pages you recommend I should check out?


  1. Think you so much for this Page! I have just returned to blogging after a 4 year hiatus and I want to make some design changes and have been having trouble getting things to work. Now we know how ill be spending my time next week!

    1. Yay! So glad this will help you! I love these tutorials and they are pretty easy to follow.
      Happy designing! :D


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