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 I LOVE this book! I mean absolutely love the book! I would highly recommend to a friends. And it is a book that I would most likely re-read more than once.

I enjoyed reading this book. I might re-read this book in the future.

The book was alright. I enjoyed reading parts of the story, but I would probably not re-read it again (unless it is part of a series that I really like...)

The book was okay. I didn't really like it that much. I won't ever read it again.

This book is not for me. I didn't enjoy reading it.

DNF- I was not able to finish reading this book. Meaning that this book was just not for me. Others might enjoy it, but I couldn't finish reading it.
  • 5- I really liked this movie. I would buy this movie when it comes out. (if we already bought it, then: I am really glad that we own this movie!)
  • 4- I enjoyed watching this movie. I would eventually like to own this movie when it comes out on DVD/Bluray. (if we already own it, then I don't regret having bought it.)
  • 3- I liked the movie. I would buy it if it was really cheap.
  • 2- Didn't really like the movie that much. Probably would never watch the movie again.
  • 1- I didn't like this movie at all. 

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