Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lunar Insignia Contest

I have already shared in my first post that Cinder by Marissa Meyer has been one of my favorite reads. And I found out from following her on Twitter, about her Lunar Insignia design contest. (You should check out her books and her website! It is--->

I am not really an artist. But I was very interested in making a design.

So here is my entry:

I will share a little about my design.

This is based on how I have interpreted the book.

I have the moon (where the Lunars live) starting to eclipse the Earth. I feel that this is appropriate because Queen Levana wants to take over/control Earth. But the Earth is still visible because it has not yet been accomplished. (And in my hopes that it shows the chance that it will not happen because Linh Cinder still has the chance to stop it from happening.)

I chose purple and gold because they are royal colors.

I hope that you all like the design.

And if you haven't read Cinder and/or Scarlet, then you should go do it right now.


I loved it.

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