Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Let's Build A Fan Cast- The Grisha Trilogy Nominations

(You can view the introduction post here.)

Hello everyone! 

You might be wondering what happened with the last Fan Cast for Throne of Glass. I sadly didn't receive any nominations so there wasn't any casts to vote on. I plan to re-open those and see if anyone chooses to make any nominations. If not, then I plan to post my Throne of Glass Fan Cast at the end of October.

For October I will be Fan Casting The Grisha trilogy (Smoke and Bone, Siege and Storm & Ruin and Rising) by Leigh Bardugo. Since that is three books, I picked some of the more popular characters. There is also an area where you can cast a character that I have left off.

So as a reminder this is what I plan on us doing:

  • I have created a Google Form that you will find down below with some of the main characters from the book. 
  • Answer under the character name with the name of the actor/actress that you nominate to Fan Cast.
  • You could also create your own blog post with your nominations and link it up to the nomination post in the comments. 
  • After about two weeks I will take the nominations (either all of them or the top 5 for each character depending on how many different nominations there are) and create a voting poll so everyone can vote for their favorites.

I plan on keeping this form open until October 17th. Unless there are no nominations. Voting will begin after that.

Happy Fan Casting and please check back soon for more information regarding voting!

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