Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Thoughts #12: Where Do You Read?

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September 18: Where Do You Read?* - Where do you spend the majority of your time reading? Are you the kind of person who can fall asleep reading in bed? Do you read in public? Why or why not? Where would be your fantasy reading location?

Hello everyone!
It has been a while since I have participated for Thursday Thoughts. And I am ready to get back to joining in.

I did share where I like to read on a previous Thursday Thoughts discussing my Reading Conditions.

I mostly do the majority of my reading in my chair in my living room.
I love it there because it is a nice, big, comfy chair. And I have claimed it as my own.
There is an ottoman that I like to pile books on. And I like to stretch my legs out on it too.
But mostly I love to sit with my legs and feet up on the chair with me. Sometimes one leg on the chair one stretched out on the ottoman.
It is my favorite place in my house to read.

I also like to read in bed. But I tend to have to move around A LOT to stay comfortable. Which is why it is my second choice for a place to read.

Can I fall asleep while reading?
Yes and no.
I usually don't fall asleep while reading in the sense that I am mid sentence with the book still in my hand.
I usually will read til I can barely hold my eyes open, then I will mark my spot and put my Kindle or book down on the nightstand. Then I will roll over and go to sleep.

I do sometimes read in public. I don't go places that often that I would read in public though. I have read my Kindle at 5 Guys at dinner with my family once though. I was so absorbed in the book I was reading in the car that I couldn't really put it down. But it didn't last very long, because I wanted to spend that time with my family. I just really needed to finish that chapter!

I do read in the car when I am not driving. And I pretty much always have my Kindle and/or a book with me when I leave the house. You just never know when you might find time to read.

Most of the time when I am out and about, I have my kids and I don't read at the park or anything because I am the mom that follows her kids around the playground. Same reason I don't read at the beach.
But if I was out with the whole family at the beach and someone else was playing and watching them, then I could easily read there.

Fantasy Reading Location?

That is tough. I like a lot of the reading nook pictures I see, but most seem like they are more like a bed than a chair type situation. So something like that that had the backing like a chair, if that makes sense. I like to sit up to read most of the time.

How about you? Where do you like to read? Do you like to read in public? What is your fantasy reading location?

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