Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams

Title: The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
Author: Linda Williams
Illustrator: Megan Lloyd
Length: 29 pages
Publisher: The Trumpet Club Special Edition
Classification: Children's Book, Halloween, Humor
Source: paperback
Once upon a time, there was a little old lady who was not afraid of anything! But one autumn night, while walking in the woods, the little old lady heard . . . clomp, clomp, shake, shake, clap, clap. And the little old lady who was not afraid of anything had the scare of her life! 

 Cutie Pie's Thoughts:

What is this book about?
It is about an old lady that isn't scared of anything and then she comes across things on the path home and at the end she gets scared and runs into her cottage.

What was your favorite part of the story?
When she answered the door and all the stuff was there and the old lady tells them she is not scared. Then the things tell her they are trying to scare her. Then the old lady gives the pumpkin head an idea.

Why did you like it?
Because the book says she is not scared of anything and that is true. 

Is there anything you didn't like about this book?
No. I love it all.

Do you like the illustrations?
They are all awesome. I love how they show the pumpkin head.

Who do you think will like this book?
Everyone who likes funny stories.

Cutie Pie's Rating:

My Thoughts:

This is a fun story to read in October to get into the Halloween/Fall spirit.
This story is about a little old lady that believes she is not afraid of anything. One day she goes into the woods by her house and finds a pair of boots, clomping around her. Which does not scare her. And as she heads home she discovers more articles of clothing that are moving on their own in an attempt to frighten her.
My children do not find the story scary. Not even when we get to the part where the little old lady does get frightened. What I like best about that part of the story is when she stands up to the thing that did scare her and is brave. I think it is a good example to show children that it is okay to be afraid sometimes, but you can be brave and stand up to the things that scare you.
My children enjoy doing all the body movements through out the story, like stomping their feet with the shoes, wiggling, shaking, clapping, and nodding.
And they laugh a lot at the ending of the story.
I think this is a fun, repetitive book to read with younger children. Pre-K through maybe 4th or 5th grade.

My Rating:

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