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April 2015 Featured Blogger: Alexia from Adventures in Reading!

This month's Featured Blogger is:


Alexia blogs at Adventures in Reading (her own personal book blog)

She is also a co-blogger for A Wonderland of Reading
You can also find her on TwitterAnd on Instagram!

If you don't already follow her, you definitely should. She has excellent tastes in books and TV shows! And she is awesome! 

Alexia was my #OTSPSecretSister for the first round and she sent me such sweet presents. 

1. What does your current and/or upcoming Bookish Itinerary look like?
I'm kind of winging it at the moment. I am a mood reader and as much as I would love to be able to stick to a schedule in my reading life, there are just those times when a review book won't do what a treasured favorite will do. Ideally though, I am working through my March ARCs in addition to my stack of library books currently sitting on my desk.
2. List some of your favorite places books have already taken you.
Hogwarts is obviously the first thing that came to mind. I would love to live in Hogwarts. So awesome. Books, especially fantasy novels have taken me to some beautiful places, places I wish actually existed in real life. If I'm looking for a cheap adventure, I pick up a fantasy book.
3. If you could go anywhere, (real or fictional) where would you want to go the most?
Um, not even a question. Hogwarts, totally. No where else could compete with Hogwarts.
4. If you could travel anywhere with any book character, which character would you pick and where would you go?
Such a tough choice, but I think I'll have to go with Beth from Katie McGarry's Pushing The Limits series. She had a rough life, and she was so devoted to her mom. I don't know where we would go, we would just get away from our own messy, complicated lives.
5. Which book character are you most like?
Oooh, this one is a toughie. I think I'm going to go with Erin from Positively Beautiful by Wendy Mills. Erin's relationship with her mom was so much like my relationship with my mom that it was startling sometimes. It's rare to find a mother daughter relationship in YA that's even similar to my own with my mom.

I would totally go with you to Hogwarts! It would be so awesome to go there! I haven't read the Pushing the Limits series yet, but I bet Beth would be an excellent traveling companion.

Thank you again, Alexia, for answering my questions! I love your answers and I hope you enjoy reading the books on your Bookish Itinerary! 

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