Saturday, February 27, 2016

My Latest Binge #8: Arrow, The Mysteries of Laura, and Just One Day

My Bookish Itinerary

I really like to binge watch and binge read series! It is so easy to do. And so I want to share all my latest and current binge watches and binge reads with all of you! Sometimes it might just be something I'm watching or something I'm reading or both! 

My Latest Binge Watch:



Airs on: The CW
Currently Airing: Season 4 Wednesdays: 8|7c
Seasons 1-3 are currently on Netflix

So I am OBSESSED with this show. It did not take me long to binge watch seasons 1-3. (Well technically I still have 3 episodes left of season 3, I stopped for reasons and then decided to wait so I wouldn't have too big of a cliffhanger since it will be a while until I can watch season 4!) I really should have started this show sooner then I could be keeping up with the current season.

Anyways...I LOVE this show. I LOVE FELICITY! She is my FAVORITE. She is just so awesome and sweet and smart. I also like the other characters a lot. I really enjoy talking about the show with my Mom.

Arrow is full of action, suspense, awesome characters, and I really recommend giving it a watch if you haven't already!

The Mysteries of Laura


Airs on: NBC
Currently Airing: Season 2 Wednesdays: 8|7c
(Season 2 ends March 2, 2016)
Seasons 1 is currently on Netflix

Okay. So I ended up giving this show a try because my Mom enjoys watching it (and we usually like the same shows) and because Debra Messing is the main character (and I like her). I am so glad I started watching it. I became hooked. All the characters are interesting. And I became really excited to find out that her ex is played by Josh Lucas (LOVED him in Sweet Home Alabama)! This show is funny, serious, and very entertaining.
I can't wait to get the chance to watch season 2. And I really hope it is renewed for season 3!

My Latest Binge Read:

Just One Day by Gayle Forman

This month I binge read an AWESOME DUOLOGY:  Just One Day and Just One Year
I read Just One Day in almost a day. I ended up reading the first 2 chapters before bed then devoured the rest of it the next day. Then I immediately started reading Just One Year and stayed up until I finished it. I could not put these books down. 
Now, I don't usually read Novellas. (I don't really have a reason, I just haven't really read that many, I still really want to read the ones in Assassin's Blade - Throne of Glass novellas and the ones in Stars Above - The Lunar Chronicles novellas). 
But during the Love-A-Thon, Alexa (Alexa Loves Books) said I really should read it. I had been considering doing it, so I bought it and read it. I am so glad that I did. I just love the characters so much and it was a wonderful addition to the duology. 
I definitely recommend reading these if you haven't!!! 

What have you been binge watching/reading lately? Are you an Arrow fan? How about The Mysteries of Laura? Have you read (and loved/liked) the Just One Day books?


  1. This is my first time reading your binge posts, and how neat- I haven't binged on anything yet, but this was a neat post!!


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