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The Silly Turkey Party by Steve Metzger & Illustrated by Jim Paillot

My Bookish Itinerary - Cutie Pie's Shelf - Children's Book Review

Title: The Silly Turkey Party

Author: Steve Metzger
Illustrator: Jim Paillot
Length: 30 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Classification: Children's Book
Release Date: November 2008
Source: Paperback
Oh No! Farmer Joe is Sick! Cassie, Wing, and Ollie will have to keep quiet during Thanksgiving dinner so they won't disturb his nap. But when uninvited guests crash the party, the turkeys wonder if they'll be kicked off the farm for good...

Cutie Pie is 9 years old & Cutie Pie #2 is 5 years old

First Thoughts:

Cutie Pie: I think it is really fun and funny.

Cutie Pie #2: I kind of liked the story.

What is this book about?

Cutie Pie #1: It is about three turkeys and they are trying to have a Thanksgiving dinner with one friend, but too many came. They try to keep everyone quiet but they couldn't.

Cutie Pie #2: It is about them dancing.

What was your favorite part of the story?

Cutie Pie: My favorite part was when Farmer Joe and Farmer Kate showed up.

Cutie Pie #2: I don't have a favorite part.

Why did you like it/why don't you have one?

Cutie Pie: Because it was fun.

Cutie Pie #2: Because I didn't really like it.

Is there anything you didn't like about this book?

Cutie Pie: No, I liked it all.

Cutie Pie #2: I'm not sure, actually.

Do you like the illustrations?

Cutie Pie: Yes, I think they are great.

Cutie Pie #2: Yes.

Who do you think will like this book?

Cutie Pie: Kids.

Cutie Pie #2: Some people.


Cutie Pie:

Cutie Pie #2

I found this book at a thrift store and didn't hesitate to buy it. I love finding new stories to read during the holidays and thought this would be a fun addition to our Thanksgiving book collection. The Silly Turkey Party is a pretty silly story. It did make my girls laugh. And overall, I think they enjoyed it. I think the story was okay and liked it. I just didn't feel completely invested in the story.
After reading it, I have realized that it is part of a book series and definitely not the first book. While I think you could read this one (like we did) without reading any of the others, I do think you learn more about the main characters in the other two books: The Great Turkey Race (2006) and The Amazing Turkey Rescue (2007).
Even though we didn't read the other two books, we still liked reading this story. Though I do wonder if we would have liked this one more if we had.

My Rating:

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