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TV Shows- Fall 2013 (FOX)

I am excited that the Fall TV shows will be starting back up really soon. FOX is the first network (out of ABC, CBS, NBC, the CW and FOX) that will have their shows starting. FOX has showing starting this week!!! See the schedule here.

Let me just start by saying I love watching a variety of different TV series. I am a pretty open-minded person when it comes to things that I read or watch, and I like a good variety of stuff. I just enjoy using books and shows/movies as a way to escape from my life and see a different "realm". Beef (my BF) says that I am too invested in the characters from these different shows/movies/books. I talk about the characters like they are real people. So yes, I am excited. I am looking forward to a lot of new shows.

Oh, and I don't really watch reality TV shows like American Idol and The Bachelor. (Etc.)

FOX has several new shows starting this year, and some that are returning. I am only sharing the shows that I am interested in, or already watch.

Returning Shows
New Shows


Bones- Premieres tonight, Monday September 16th

Yes!!! It starts tonight. Now I really wish that I was able to get FOX on my antenna, but I unfortunately have not been able to, so I watch the episodes when FOX posted them on their website to watch. But I am still really looking forward to Bones starting back up.

Bones is starting SEASON 9! I have been watching this show for years, I think I started watching it either during season 5 or season 6. But I have watched all the episodes via Netflix instant stream.

If you have never watched the show, and you like crime shows where the characters solve murders, then you really should give this show a try.
Emily Deschanel portrays Dr. Temperance Brennan (nick name is Bones) whom is a forensic anthropologist.
David Boreanaz portrays FBI special agent Seelely Booth.
Michaela Conlin portrays forensic artist Angela Montenegro.
T.J. Thyne portrays entomologist Dr. Jack Hodgins.
Tamara Taylor portrays pathologist Dr. Camille Saroyan
John Francis Daley portrays FBI psychologist Dr. Lance Sweets.

I do recommend this show, I really like the actors/actresses that are in this show and I think they all work together nicely. I first started watching the show because David Boreanaz is in it. (Big Angel fan) I think it is a great show.

Almost Human- Late Fall (Looks like when this premieres in late fall, Bones will be moved to Friday nights.)
Premiere date: Monday, November 4th.

One of the executive producers is J.J. Abrams.
It is set in Los Angles, 35 years into the future when the police department is paired up with human-like androids. It will focus on a detective that does not like robots. He will be paired with an emotional android.

Karl Urban as Detective John Kennex
Michael Ealy as Dorian (the emotional android)
Lili Taylor as Captainn Maldonado
Mackenzie Crook as Rudy Lom
Michael Irby as Richard Paul
Minka Kelly as Valerie Stahl

I will probably watch at least the pilot of this show to see if I would like it. But I think that from what I have read, that it looks interesting. And I do like a lot of stuff that J.J. Abrams has worked on.

Sleepy HollowPremieres tonight, Monday, September 16th.

From the little bit of what I read and have seen, the show looks interesting to me. Ichabod Crane is resurrected and is brought to the year 2013. He is brought back to solve a mystery that is linked to the founding fathers. The Headless Horseman is also here as the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Headless Horseman is on a murder spree and Ichabod has to try and stop the horseman, and solve the mystery to save Modern Day Sleepy Hollow and the world. He works along side a cop to try and save the world.

Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane
Nicole Beharie as Abbie Mills
Orlando Jones as Captain Frank Irving
Katia Winter as Katrina Crane
John Cho as Andy Dunn
Richard Cetrone as the Headless Horseman

Dads- Premieres Tuesday, September 17th

This show sounds like it is going to be funny. Plus, I really like Seth Green (I loved him in Buffy the Vampire Slayer). This show is about two life-long friends who have started a successful video game company together, and how their lives are changed when their fathers move in with them. One of the executive producers is Seth MacFarlane. 

Giovanni Ribisi as Warner
Seth Green as Eli
Martin Mull as Crawford (Warner's Dad)
Peter Riegert as David (Eli's Dad)
Brenda Strong as Veronica (Warner and Eli's assistant)
Tonita Castro as Edna (Eli's maid)
Vanessa Lachey as Camilla (Warner's wife)

New Girl- Premieres Tuesday, September 17th

Season 3! I LOVE this show. I find it funny. I love Zooey Deschanel! 

So if you have not watched this show, it is about a girl named Jess who moves into an apartment of three guys, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. CeCe is the best friend of Jess. The show is about their lives, relationships, and friendships. I am very invested in this show. I love all the characters (and the actors/actresses do an excellent job portraying the characters) and I find the situations they get into funny. This has easily become one of my favorite shows!

Zooey Deschanel as Jess
Jake Johnson as Nick
Max Greenfield as Schmidt
Lamorne Morris as Winston
Hannah Simone as CeCe

If you have Netflix Instant Stream, season 1 is already on it and season 2 is set to start streaming tomorrow, September 17th. So if you haven't watched it, give it a try.

**And the only reason I am mentioning Netflix, is because I have Netflix Instant Stream, and it is how I catch up and watch a lot of TV series**


Glee- Season 5 premieres Thursday, September 26th.

I have watched Glee. And I do enjoy the show. I am not going to in depth explain the show, chances are even if you haven't seen the show, you kinda know what it is about: high school kids that sing and perform in their high school glee club. I have watched the first three seasons. I was not able to keep up with season 4 watching it online, so I thought I would have the chance to catch up with Netflix would add it to Instant Stream. Well, they haven't yet. And the DVDs are not being released until October 1st. So it looks like I will not be caught up by the premiere. So I have no idea what is going on with this season, and I haven't really read into it, because of Spoilers. I don't want to know what has happened yet. 

And I am curious about what they have planned for Finn due to the passing of Cory Monteith. I did read that there will be a memorial episode, so most likely they will have Finn also die in the show. I'm sure it will be a very emotional episode.


Enlisted- Premieres Friday, January 10th (from what I have read)

Let me tell you honestly, the only reason I want to watch this show is because Chris Lowell is in it. I LOVE him! (I am a HUGE Piz fan- Veronica Mars. And I loved Dell too- Private Practice). So yes, I am waiting to watch this show simply for Chris Lowell. But...I do like the other two brothers too. :)

This show will be about three brothers who are all in the Army on a small base located in Florida. It is supposed to be a comedy.

Geoff Stults as Staff Sergeant Pete Hill
Chris Lowell as Corporal Derrick Hill
Parker Young as Private Randy Hill


Us & Them

I am really looking forward to this show because it stars Alexis Bledel (LOVED her in Gilmore Girls) and Jason Ritter (Loved him in Parenthood).

This show is based on British show Gavin & Stacey. It will follow the lives of Gavin and Stacey, whom have been flirting and talking online for six months and then finally decide to meet. Gavin lives in New York and Stacey lives in Pennsylvania. It is about them attempting a far distant relationship along with their complicated friends and family.

I cannot wait for this show to start, in fact I am so disappointed that it is not starting in Fall.

Alexis Bledel as Stacey
Jason Ritter as Gavin
Ashlie Atkinson as Nessa (Stacey's best friend)
Michael Ian Black as Brian (Stacey's Uncle)
Dustin Ybarra as Chris "Archie" Archuletta (Gavin's best friend)
Jane Kaczmarek as Pam (Gavin's mom)
Kurt Fuller as Michael (Gavin's dad)
Kerri Kenney as Gwen (Stacey's mom)

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