Saturday, August 30, 2014

Let's Build A Fan Cast: Throne of Glass-Nominations

(You can view the introduction post here.)

Hello everyone! 

For the month of September and for the very first Let's Build A Fan Cast, we are going to cast THRONE OF GLASS!

So it has been a little bit since I read Throne of Glass so I am hoping I got most of the main characters. There is a spot on the form that you can add a character and your nomination for that character. And then I will go back and add it to the form so others can nominate too.

Also, I haven't read Crown of Midnight yet. I plan on reading it soon, since my Pre-order of Heir of Fire has shipped! *happy dance*

So as a reminder this is what I plan on us doing:

  • I have created a Google Form that you will find down below with some of the main characters from the book. 
  • Answer under the character name with the name of the actor/actress that you nominate to Fan Cast.
  • You could also create your own blog post with your nominations and link it up to the nomination post in the comments. 
  • After about two weeks I will take the nominations (either all of them or the top 5 for each character depending on how many different nominations there are) and create a voting poll so everyone can vote for their favorites.
I plan to keep the form open for nominations until the end of the night on Saturday, September 13th
So that gives you two weeks to get your nominations in.

I will open the poll for voting on the nominations on Monday, September 15th

Voting will remain open for 2 weeks, ending Monday, September 29th

I hope everyone has fun doing this!

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