Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday Thoughts #11: My Favorite Bookstore

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August 7: My Favorite Bookstore - When it comes to buying books which store is your favorite? Do you prefer big chain stores or independent bookstores? Do you even have any independent bookstores near where you live? And, here's the one that's going to be the most revealing; How often would you say you go to the bookstore? Do you buy something every time you go there?

I live in a smallish city. We do have a Target, K-Mart and a Wal*Mart. But we do not really have any bookstores. I think there are a couple of Used Bookstores, but the one I went to once, closed. And I haven't really checked out any other ones. (There is only one other I know about.) So where I live, I buy the most books from Thrift Stores and my local library sales.

But we are talking about bookstores!

There are two bookstores (Books-a-Million and Barnes & Noble) that is about a 30 minute drive from my house. 

I have gone to each of these bookstores and bought books. But I go to Books-a-Million the most. I feel they have a better Young Adult Section. 

So I guess Books-a-Million would be my favorite bookstore (that is in driving distance).

I can't really say which I would prefer. I can't think of a time that I have been to any independent bookstores. 

Which I feel is a bit heartbreaking. If there was an independent bookstore near me, I would definitely check it out and then I could make my decision.

(But I would probably buy from both.)

I probably go to the bookstore once every two weeks. Sometimes not even that. But I also order books online.

I don't always buy books every time I go. If there is a book that I am really wanting and have the money I will pick it up. Or if I find some awesome books in the bargain section, I will probably pick something up. But I don't buy every time. And sometimes I only buy one book. 

What is your favorite bookstore? Do you like Independent Bookstores more? Do you have a local Independent Bookstore?
How often to you go to the bookstore?

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