Thursday, January 2, 2014

14 Goals for 2014

I have decided to have 14 goals for this year. And I hope that I am able to complete all 14 of them!
Some of them relate to reading, writing, and this blog. But there are several personal ones as well.

  1. Blog More- I started this blog late in 2013 and I think I have more drafts then I do published blog posts. I tend to devour books and then start a new one without taking the time to sit down and write out what I thought about the book. So I want to change that. I want to make sure I post at least once a week.
      • Review at LEAST one book a month.
      • Review at LEAST one children's book a month with my Cutie Pie.
      • Review more movies. 
      • Share thoughts on TV series, even individual episodes.
      • Share thoughts about games.
  2. Finish my first draft of the story that I started writing during NaNoWriMo- I stopped writing the minute it became Decemeber 1st. And I have yet to look back....well that is not completely true, I have looked at the document a couple of times, but I have not added to it or revised it in any way. So this year I will finish the story and complete my first draft.
  3. Do NaNoWriMo again!- I was so excited when I finished it last year and I felt so great, proud, and elated after I finished, so I want to do this again this year. 
  4. GoodReads Book Challenge- I want to complete my GoodReads Book Challenge for 2014. This year I bumped my goal up to 75 books. 
  5. Get My House Organized- I hate clutter and feeling unorganized, so I hope this year I am able to reduce some of the clutter in the house and just overall get everything organized. I know having children can make it a lot harder to do. I used to have to put toys away a certain way and it would drive me nuts when Cutie Pie would mess up my system. But I have since been able to go with the flow a little bit more. Letting things not be perfect all the time. But I do want a bit more organization.
  6. Craft More- I love to craft. I love making finger puppets out of felt for my girls. I have also been working on some crafts for my little cousin. I don't get to work on my projects as much as I would like, so I hope that I will be able to make the time to craft more this year.
  7. Learn To Use Sewing Machine- I think it is absolutely pitiful that I have not been able to figure out how to correctly use my sewing machine. So this year, I want to take the time to sit down and figure out how to use it!
  8. Read More of a Variety of Books- I usually stick to Young Adult Dystopian books. I love to read them, so I think I need to try and switch it up some and read more of different genres. 
  9. Catch Up On My Non-Kid Friendly TV Shows- There are so many shows that I either LOVE to watch and haven't been able to, or shows that I want to START watching but haven't been able to. And the reason is because they are not kid friendly (at least in my opinion) and so I tend not to watch them often because I am pretty much always with my girls. Some of these shows include: The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Grimm, and The Following. As well as others that I can't think of off the top of my head.
  10. Catch Up On Scrapbooking- I have scrapbooks for each of my girls and a ton of pictures to put in the scrapbooks, but I have not done it. So I hope to get those pictures done and start their scrapbooks for this year.
  11. Write Everyday and/or Keep a Journal- I really love writing. (Even if I don't do it well...) So I want to try and write a little something everyday, even if it is just me keeping a journal.
  12. Exercise More- I don't exercise enough, so I am challenging myself to exercise more this year.
  13. Drink Less Soda- I drink too much Coke-a-cola. And I need to slowly cut it out. It is not good for you and I mostly drink it for the caffeine, so I need to try and find a new caffeine source.
  14. Find Time For "ME" Time- I have a hard time doing this one. I am pretty much always with my kids or doing something for my kids. And I feel like I don't get much time to myself. So I want to try and find some time every few weeks to do something either by myself or time to hang out with my two best friends. 

So those are my goals. I really hope that I am able to accomplish most of them if not all of them.

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