Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Wet Brush (Product Review)

The Wet Brush. 

My Rating: 5 stars

Cutie Pie's Rating: 

I am the mother of two little girls. And Cutie Pie has hair that falls well below her shoulders. So brushing hair can be a nightmare. We have tried a lot of different styles of brushes to try to keep her from crying so much, but none have really worked.

Then over the summer she saw the commercial for this as seen on TV hair brush. I looked into it, but didn't want to pay that much for a hair brush if it wasn't going to work. After seeing several negative reviews for the brush I looked on Amazon and found the Wet Brush. And it had several good reviews.

I still waited and thought I would check the hairbrush section at our local Target store. And I found this brush there.

It was only $8.99.

So I let Cutie Pie pick out which color she wanted and said that we would give it a try.

And it is pretty AWESOME!!!

We have been using it everyday for almost a month now and I think this brush is exactly what we needed. Cutie Pie no longer cries when we help her brush the tougher tangles out of her hair. And she even likes brushing her hair herself now (without many problems and without getting the brush stuck in her hair several times).

It even works for our little Pooh Bear's hair. She still cries sometimes, but I think that is more of her not wanting to get her hair brushed then actually hurting. When she is distracted while getting her hair brushed, she doesn't even notice.

I have used it on my long hair a few times as well, and although it can sometimes hurt when I pull it a certain way, over all it works really well for tangles that I sometimes get in my own long hair.

I am very satisfied with the purchase!

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