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Ash & Bramble by Sarah Prineas

Title: Ash & Bramble
Author: Sarah Prineas
Length: 464 pages
Publisher: HarperTeen
Classification: Young Adult, Fairy Tale Retelling, Fantasy
Release Date: September 15, 2015
Source: e-galley via Edelweiss (Thank you, HarperTeen!)
Read: September 2015
A prince.
A ball.
A glass slipper left behind at the stroke of midnight.
The tale is told and retold, twisted and tweaked, snipped and stretched, as it leads to happily ever after.
But it is not the true Story.
A dark fortress.
A past forgotten.
A life of servitude.
No one has ever broken free of the Godmother’s terrible stone prison until a girl named Pin attempts a breathless, daring escape. But she discovers that what seems to be freedom is a prison of another kind, one that entangles her in a story that leads to a prince, a kiss, and a clock striking midnight. To unravel herself from this new life, Pin must choose between a prince and another—the one who helped her before and who would give his life for her. Torn, the only thing for her to do is trade in the glass slipper for a sword and find her own destiny.

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***I received an e-galley of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review***
I love fairy tale retellings, so as soon as I found out about Ash & Bramble, I knew it was one that I wanted to read. A twisted retelling of Cinderella where the Godmother has a stone prison. Yes, please! I was so excited to read this one and find out what was going to happen. 

Ash & Bramble is a dark, twisted, interesting and unique retelling of Cinderella.

Pin is a Seamstress in Godmother's castle. Day after day, she works with the others and does what she is supposed to do. Until she thinks of a plan to escape. Determined to find freedom, Pin does what noone else has been able to do, she escapes from the prison. But her escape isn't what she had hoped. Instead she now has a new destiny: Meet the prince, share a kiss, and live happily ever after. Pin must choose, will she decide on her new life or fight for another different one?

Overall, I did enjoy reading Ash & Bramble. But I had a really hard time getting into the story. The beginning starts off dark and creepy and I was initially hooked. But then the story started to feel like it was dragging a bit and a little repetitive. I was still curious about what would happen, which kept me reading. The story does pick back up and I did reach a point where I didn't want to stop reading. I really liked the overall idea behind the story. As well as, what I took away from the story (all the things it made me think of). 
There is some action and fighting that I found really entertaining. I couldn't wait to find out which side was going to win in the end. 

I liked Pin. There are things that I loved about her though, she is strong, daring, courageous and she won't give up until she gets what she wants. I love her determination and the fact that she won't just accept the pain and hardship that she is thrown into. I also like that she doesn't want to simply take the easy way out and she won't go down without a fight. And I did feel bad for her throughout the story. 

I really liked Shoe. I think he was my favorite character in the story and I really liked his interactions with some of the other characters (specifically when he meets Natters and Missus!) And I think his character becomes more daring and determined as the story goes on. Which was fun to see happen. 

There is a bit of a love triangle. But this one really fits in with the story. (Though love triangles tend to not bother me as much as they bother others.) 

My Recommendation:

I was really excited to read Ash & Bramble, so you're probably wondering if I was as excited about the book after reading it. I didn't fall in love with Ash & Bramble but I did enjoy reading it and I am glad that I did. It is a darker retelling and I definitely enjoyed the twist. I think it was interesting and unique. If you like fairy tale retellings and am interested in one that is different, then I think you should check out this one. 

My Rating:

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