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From My Notebook #3: Thoughts - Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix

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When I read I write notes, thoughts, and quotes about the book in a notebook. I sometimes write drafts or full book reviews in my notebooks too. And sometimes I forget to write up a review from those notes. Or sometimes I would forget to type up and/or post those reviews. So From My Notebook will be the notes, thoughts, quotes, or full reviews that I had in one of my notebooks from other the past years that I forgot to share before. 

Title: Just Ella 
(The Palace Chronicles #1)
Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
Length: 240 pages
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Classification: Young Adult, Retellings, Fantasy
Release Date: March 27, 2007
(Previously published August 1999)
Source: Paperback
Read: May 2016
Being a princess isn't all that...
You've heard the fairy tale: a glass slipper, Prince Charming, happily ever after... 
Welcome to reality: royal genealogy lessons, needlepoint, acting like "a proper lady," and—worst of all—a prince who is not the least bit interesting, and certainly not charming. 
As soon-to-be princess Ella deals with her new-found status, she comes to realize she is not "your majesty" material. But breaking off a royal engagement is no easy feat, especially when you're crushing on another boy in the palace... For Ella to escape, it will take intelligence, determination, and spunk—and no ladylike behavior allowed.

Just Ella is a retelling about Cinderella. It looks at Ella's life after she moves to the castle and before she marries Prince Charming. Which I think it is an interesting twist of Cinderella. I haven't really read anything quite like this one before. 

It was a really quick read. But I thought the story was a little boring at times and I didn't feel completely hooked. I felt like there wasn't a lot going on. Though I did get more pulled into what was happening during the last part of the story.

I did like Ella's character. She is determined and tries to stand up for herself and what she wants. 
I found the twist interesting and it made me wonder what was going to happen. 

I didn't fall in love with the story or the characters, but still enjoyed reading the story. 

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