Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cress is Here!!!

Okay. I really love the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.

And today is the day. Cress is available!

I actually received my ebook around 11:30 last night. I stayed up until about 1 reading. I then forced myself to go to sleep knowing that Cutie Pie had school in the morning and Pooh Bear was going to need me to take care of her.

Otherwise, I probably would have been up all night reading.

I did write out some predictions that I made last night before the book was released.

When I wrote this I hadn't read any of Cress...not even the first 5 chapters that could be downloaded.

The lovely The Girls in Plaid Skirts have been celebrating the release for the entire week. You can find the discussion here.

Here is what I wrote:

I agree, I also think that Cress is Dr. Erland’s daughter. I think that Cinder will contact Cress using the chip that she still has and Cress will be able to lead them to the satellite. They will use the Rampion to get there because it is a space ship.
But part of me thinks that the call for help from Cress will be overheard by Sibil, so she and some of the Queen’s army will be there to set a trap. Cress will not be able to warn Cinder (and company). So there will be a battle at the satellite.
Someone above mentioned Thorne becoming blind, which would make sense since in Rapunzel the prince becomes blinded by thorns and in the end Rapunzel makes it so he can see again. Thorne=blinded…makes sense to me and it would be kept in with the theme of having elements from the fairytale. Then Cress will somehow hopefully be able to come to his aid? So I think that Cress will be able to somehow escape during the battle. But Sibil might capture Cinder or someone else?
If Sibil is able to capture some of them or just one of them, that would cause the group to break up. For example, I think that if Sibil would capture Scarlet, Wolf would stay behind and try to either fight or her or surrender to try and save her.
I think that Kai will be able to get out of marrying Levana. I am really hoping that there is some kind of wedding interruption (like Cinder barging in) that makes the wedding not happen. Maybe that will be how Cinder will announce to Kai that she is really Princess Selene? Then maybe Levana will shift her attention from Kai to capturing Cinder and there will be another fight.
I don’t think it would be Cress’ blood, because wouldn’t the results have been similar to Dr. Erland’s and he would notice? Unless that means she is not his daughter…
I am curious about how the plague started.
And yes, I am thinking there will be kissing.
And I am also hoping that Iko gets a body. :D
I am really excited. Can’t wait to read it. Then I will be dying to read Winter!

You should check out their blog!!! And read Cress!

I also painted my nails to celebrate #DressforCress!
Red with a starry silver glitter on top.

Happy Cress Release Day!!!

I am going to go back to reading. I have been reading off and on all day (when I get a chance). Needless to say I haven't gotten to far. 
I am really looking forward to bedtime tonight for my girlies. Then I will have the chance to really dive in without interruptions.

I am also looking forward to watching the book launch tonight live on the internet. #SaveCress

Oh and don't forget to check this out! The Lunar Chronicles website

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