Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lunar Chronicles Fan Cast

I have been putting a lot of though into which actors and actresses I would pick to portray the characters in Marissa Meyer's The Lunar Chronicles series.

Some of them were more difficult to pick than others, but here are the people that I thought most looked like how I picture the characters in my head when I am reading. Or even thinking or dreaming about them.

My list:

Cinder: Jamie Chung


I first saw Jamie Chung in a mini series on ABC Family several years ago called Samurai Girl. And more recently she portrays Mulan on Once Upon a Time.

Prince/Emperor Kai: Harry Shum Jr.


I love Harry Shum Jr. I love him on Glee. I think he is very talented!

Scarlet: Molly Quinn


I love Molly Quinn too! She is excellent on Castle!

Wolf: Ryan Guzman


This pick was a little more difficult for me. I couldn't think of anyone that really looked like Wolf does in my head. I picked Ryan Guzman because I think he kinda does. He just needs a little bit more facial hair and a little bit of longer hair, like to fall into his eyes or something.

Thorne and Cress: Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel


I can't help it. There are some times when I read, this is how I picture Thorne and Cress. But it is weird because they are the only ones that look like cartoon characters...

Zachary Levi!!!
I love Zachary Levi. Seriously. He is awesome. So cute. Smart. Funny. Loved him in Chuck. I love him in Remember Sunday. And I obviously love him in Tangled!!!

Thorne: Sam Claflin


Since Zachary Levi is probably too old to be Thorne, Sam is a good second. I really liked him in Catching Fire and I think he could do the smirks and be a lady's man.

Cress: Britt Robertson


I have seen Britt Robertson in several shows and I like her. 

Jacin: Max Irons


I liked him in Red Riding Hood.

Iko: Kristen Bell


I love like everything that has Kristen Bell! I love her as Veronica Mars. Love her in Frozen. I have seen at least 7 movies she has been in, some of the simply because she was in them. I think she is funny and she can be sarcastic and snarky. I think she could do a good job as Iko's voice.

Queen Levana: Charisma Carpenter


This is another character that it took me a while to decide on someone. And it is mostly because I picture her to look kinda like Charisma. I have seen her in a lot of stuff. And she can be pretty good at portraying someone evil. 

Sybil: Torrey DeVitto


This one was I think the most difficult for me. I don't know why, but I haven't really pictured her clearly in my head when I read. So I think Torrey is an option. 

Dr. Erland: Dustin Hoffman


I am not sure why, but when I read about Dr. Erland I seriously picture him to look like Dustin Hoffman. And in the scenes when he is losing his mind, I picture him from when he was in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Maybe I am weird...but that is how I picture him.

And while I was looking up Dustin Hoffman. I came across someone else I thought could play Wolf. His son. Jake Hoffman


Those are some of my ideas for a fan cast. 

Who would you pick?


  1. Somehow I'm just now seeing your fan cast--I love it! I think my favorite pick is Dr. Erland. I always picture him as the guy from Alphas (I'm terrible with names--that's why Rachel does our fan casting.), but Dustin Hoffman totally looks perfect! And Kristen Bell as Iko? Ohmygoodness--too cute!


    1. Thank you! I'm pretty bad with names too. I end up looking up the same people all the time so I can remember what their names are.


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