Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday Thoughts #4: Book Buying Bans

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This weeks topic:

May 22: Book Buying Bans - Have you ever put yourself on a book buying ban? Do you believe that book buying bans actually can make a difference? At what point do you decide that it's really time to put yourself on a book buying ban?

I haven't really ever put myself on a book buying ban.

Before starting my blog, I mostly just bought books when I had some extra money from my birthday or Christmas. Or whenever books were on sale. I didn't really have that long of a list of books that I needed to eventually buy.

Then I started my blog and started following other blogs. And now I want to buy ALL the books. 
I have so many lists of books that I want to buy. 

But since I already have PILES of books that I have not read, I try to limit myself on how many books I buy a month. 

I have been trying to keep it to books that are on sale (like Kindle Daily Deals and Monthly Deals) and books that are part of a series that I already have started. Or books that I am just too excited to wait for. But overall, I limit myself.

So I don't necessarily ban myself from buying books, but I do limit the amount I buy. Some months I buy more and some months I don't get many at all. It just depends on the money situation and what is on sale/being released.

But I think I might end up putting myself on a ban eventually. I already have SO MANY books that I have yet to read. And these books deserve love and being read too. Not to mention I am pretty much out of bookshelf space (and space to put a new bookshelf) so I just have piles of books in several places in my house. 

So I might be placing myself on a book buying ban soon. But I am not sure how well it will work. I feel like it will just make me want to buy books more. 

I feel like setting my book buying limits and creating lists so I can keep track of all the books I want to buy is the best plan for me.

What do you do? Do you ever put yourself on a book buying ban? More of a book buying limitations person? What would make you ban buying more books? Does book buying bans work for you? 


  1. Great post and thanks for participating in Thursday Thoughts! I was the same way. Before I started my blog and started being active in the community, I barely bought books but now it's like.. never-ending. BUY ALL THE BOOKS!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I know right. I totally want to BUY ALL THE BOOKS! :D


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