Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday Thoughts #6: Bookshelf Organization

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This weeks topic:
June 12: Bookshelf Organization - Do you have a set way of organizing your bookshelves? Do you like your bookshelves to be organized or does it not matter too much to you? Do you store your TBR books and your read books separately or together? What do you think about the rainbow bookshelf organization trend?

My Attempt at Organization

I do and don't have a set way of organizing my books. I have books all around my house. I have several bookshelves. 
We have at least 4 bookshelves that have children's books (both picture books and chapter books) and I tried to have them organized. 
The main huge children bookshelf that has a good majority of the children's picture books, I have organized the best I can. And the girls tend to mess that up.
On the top I have the special books: Like Dr. Seuss that belonged to my brother and myself. As well as the special books that family have bought us that are signed and such.
And I have a holiday shelf with all the holiday books separated (well sort of) and I separate them by character (trying to keep all the Curious George books together and so on...)

I also have at least 4 bookshelves with MY books. (And a few of Beef's books, though he doesn't have many...) And most of them are double stacked. But for the majority, I just try to keep them together by author. Series together and in order the best that I can.

I would like my books to be better organized, but I simply don't have enough bookshelf space for it. In fact right now, I have a rocking chair that sits near my bed in the master bedroom, and it is stacked with books that I need to read. I also have several stacks in the living. Stacks on the floor and on the stand beside my bed. Also stacks on the footstool by my chair in the living room. 

For the most part, it hasn't been bugging me that much, but I would love to eventually organize my books better. Maybe by genre and by author. ALL on bookshelves...instead of all over the place.

TBR Books

I do have books that I have NOT read that are on my bookshelves beside books that I have read. But I also have stacks of books (like I covered earlier) that are mostly books that I haven't read yet, but REALLY want to read. 
So basically although by bookshelves do contain books that I have not read and will need to read as well as books that I have read, the books that I plan on reading soon, tend to be in piles with other books that I plan to read soon.

The Rainbow Bookshelf Trend

I think that this trend is pretty. But I don't think I would organize my books this way. I am too picky about wanting my series to be together. I would almost consider doing the rainbow of book spines for books that are standalones, but then again, I would also want the standalones to be together by that won't work for me. 
I don't need my books to be in alphabetical order or anything, but rather together by series and author. 
And size..I tend to like books to also be together by size.

So even though I think the rainbow trend is pretty and cool. 
I don't think I would ever organize my books that way. 

How about you? Do you have certain ways of organizing your shelves? Do you also have piles upon piles of books all over your house like me? Would you organize your books by color? 


  1. The rainbow bookshelf is not for me either, for all the reasons you said. It looks nice, but I can't imagine separate books from a series, or put a history book next to a Sci-Fi just to look nice. I like to keep it practical.

    1. Exactly. I also think it would be difficult for me to locate a certain book I was looking for. I think my biggest reason is not wanting to separate series. It would drive me nuts!
      Thanks for stopping by! :D

  2. I'm with you on this one! I like to keep my books in order of series, and in the case of standalones, by author. Mostly it is very unorganized and all over the place though for me. I should probably reorganize soon...

    1. It would be chaos for me. I think I need to reorganize my books too. Maybe get rid of a couple. But I have a hard time parting with books.
      Thanks so much for stopping by! :D


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