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Seabiscuit the Wonder Horse by Meghan McCarthy

My Bookish Itinerary - Cutie Pie's Shelf - Children's Book Review

Title: Seabiscuit the Wonder Horse

Author: Meghan McCarthy
Length: 40 pages
Publisher: A Paula Wiseman Book /  Simon & Schuster
Classification: Children's Book
Release Date: October 28, 2008
Source: Library Book
It's Seabiscuit vs. War Admiral in the race of the century! 
Seabiscuit was the grandson of one of the greatest racehorses of all time, but he'd lost practically every race he'd ever run. Who would want a funny-looking racehorse on a losing streak? Enter Charles Howard -- automobile tycoon, risk taker, and racing aficionado -- who scooped up Seabiscuit for a bargain price. 
With the support and care of a clever new trainer and a loving jockey, 'Biscuit began winning bigger and bigger races. Then came the biggest race of all. As Seabiscuit prepared to face War Admiral, the top racehorse in the country, the entire nation was on the edge of its seat: Could Seabiscuit really beat the Triple Crown champion? 
This true story of hope and determination will inspire readers of all ages!

Cutie Pie is 9 years old & Cutie Pie #2 is 5 years old

First Thoughts:

Cutie Pie: I really like that it is a real story.

Cutie Pie #2: I really liked the story.

What is this book about?

Cutie Pie #1: It is about Seabiscuit racing another horse.

Cutie Pie #2: About horses racing.

What was your favorite part of the story?

Cutie Pie: My favorite part was when Seabiscuit won.

Cutie Pie #2: All of it.

Why did you like it?

Cutie Pie: I like it because, Seabiscuit was a great horse.

Cutie Pie #2: Because it has horses.

Is there anything you didn't like about this book?

Cutie Pie: No, I liked it all.

Cutie Pie #2: Nope, I liked all of it.

Do you like the illustrations?

Cutie Pie: Yes, I think they are really good.

Cutie Pie #2: Yes, I loved all of them.

Who do you think will like this book?

Cutie Pie: Everyone, especially those who love horses.

Cutie Pie #2: Everybody.


Cutie Pie:

Cutie Pie #2

I picked this book up from the library because I have a daughter that LOVES horses. So I knew this would be a book that would interest her.
I honestly didn't know much about Seabiscuit before reading this book with my girls. I just knew about the movie (which I haven't seen) and that Seabiscuit was real and a racehorse. I think this is a great introduction for kids to learn about Seabiscuit.
This book is a full of facts and it is told in a wonderful way that keeps kids entertained and engaged with the story. And the illustrations are wonderful.
I recommend reading this book. I think most kids can enjoy what this story has to offer, but I especially think horse lovers will enjoy getting to learn more about a real horse.

My Rating:

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