Friday, March 7, 2014


I am new to book blogging. I have only been doing it for a few months.
I am even pretty new to Twitter.
But I have been seeing a lot of book bloggers tweeting about other bloggers stealing ideas and copying them, etc.

And every time I see one of these tweets, I think to myself "OMG. I hope I didn't do anything to make anyone mad at me!!!"

I hate disappointing people. I hate upsetting people. I hate making people mad.

And I tend to worry that I might have done something unintentionally.

I just want everyone to know, that if I have somehow made a feature that you believe I stole from you, that DEFINITELY was not my intention and it is completely accidental.

Cutie Pie's Shelf- is just something that I thought would be fun to do with my daughter. Help get her more involved with books. Sure she reads a lot and loves books. But I thought getting her to share some of her ideas and thoughts on different books we read would be fun to do together.

And the Watching Wednesday I just posted a couple days ago was a thought that I had about how cool it would be to share what I plan on watching that week. I love watching TV and Movies. And this blog is also for me to share that love too.

I want to make some features or do something cool that is mine. But it is hard to do because there are so many other great minds that have already created what I want to do.

I love reading other blogs. And I usually don't read reviews for a book that I am reading or going to read before writing my own review/thoughts down for it first. (With the exception of books that I am considering not reading, then I may read a review that might swing me in the direction of giving that book a chance.)

I am just a newbie blogger wanting to share my love of books. (And some other things)
And sometimes the drama and me worrying that maybe I did something to make someone mad, makes me wonder if maybe I should just give up now.
But I love writing.
I love reading.
And I love sharing my thoughts with others.

I have been enjoying "meeting" some awesome book bloggers and I enjoy the Twitter chats. And I look forward to enjoying more.

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