Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #39: My Ten Goals for 2015

Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Their blog can be found here.

December 30th: Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015 Bookish/Blogging or Other

I am usually not very good at keeping up with goals and resolutions. But I am hoping to do better with these goals this year!

  • Read At Least 125 Books: This year I have read about 112 books, (not really including Children's Books) which I think is pretty good. So I decided to raise it a little bit. I do plan on counting Children's Books next year though too. 
  • Comment More: I have been trying to keep up with commenting back and visiting other blogs and commenting on them, but I have gotten a bit behind the past two months. So I hope to be better about commenting next year.
  • Write Reviews Quicker: I tend to put off writing reviews right away. I usually write down notes and feelings while I read either in a notebook or in the e-book via my Kindle. Then I usually write the outline and notes for my review after reading. But I sometimes don't type up my review for a week or so afterwards. And sometimes I never even write one (for books that I own myself.) So I want to try and do better about writing my reviews quicker.
  • Stop (at least try to stop) Worrying About Blog Stats: I worry about my blog stats a lot more than I want to admit. I am still a newish blogger, but I do worry that I am not doing a good job. I see blogs that started either after me or around the same time and they usually have double or more the stats and followers that I do. (Though I am VERY THANKFUL for all the followers I do have!) And it doesn't help that I get jealous sometimes of the ARCs of the books I am DYING to read. But I just need to keep reminding myself that I am doing this for ME. I love sharing my love of books and I have enjoyed my blog this past year. So I want to keep it up for me and not the stats. 
  • Read More New Adult Books: I read a few New Adult books this year and there were a couple that I really enjoyed. So next year I want to read some more.
  • Keep Up With My Challenges Better: I sort of kept up with my challenges this year...but not very well. I didn't link up reviews and updates much. So next year, I hope to keep up and link up my progress!
  • Keep Blogging Regularly: I have really enjoyed blogging this past year, so I hope that I can keep up with blogging on a regular basis.
  • Stop Not Trying Things Based On Worrying About Rejection: I am a worry-wart when it comes to rejection. And I will hide behind thing rather than put myself out there. But I hope that next year I will do better about trying new things and requesting some ARCs that I really want to read. And just accept the rejection and roll with it. (Let it go...)
  • Try to Reduce Stress: I am a stressful person. I get stressed really easily. So next year I hope to try and find some new ways to deal with my stress and not let it all get to me all the time.
  • Write More: I really enjoy writing, but this year I barely wrote at all. And I didn't come anywhere close to completing NaNoWriMo. So next year I hope to carve out some time to just write.
Well those are my 2015 Goals.
What are some of your Goals for the new year?

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