Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #81: Reasons I LOVE the Library!

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June 7th: Ten Reasons I Love the Library!
(could be a certain book, character, author, your indie bookstore, a fandom, a tv show, reading, a hobby, a genre. Honestly anything you want to gush about.)

My Bookish Itinerary (Top Ten Tuesday)

Books! Books! Books!
It is a whole building full of books! Books that you can borrow. (What's not to love!)

Discovering New Books!
I love checking out the New Books sections at the library. Sometimes I find books that I've been wanting to read. Other times, I find books that I hadn't heard of before.

Taking Kids to the Library! 
I LOVE taking my daughters to the library. They love getting to look at books on their own and picking out books that they want to read. It helps build their love of reading! Plus, they each have their own library card (which at my library, is something you can do at birth) so they get to check out their own books.

Libraries tend to have a lot of fun activities throughout the year. Right now we are excited for the Summer Reading Program! I love going to the library book sales hosted by Friends of the Library group. We also enjoy going to the kid holiday events. During December, we go to see Santa and read Christmas stories. Around Halloween, we go and do activities and listen to Halloween-ish stories. Our library also sometimes has movie nights/afternoons. And they have story time for pre-schoolers. (And other things too!)

You Can Take a Chance on a New Book or Author!
If there is a book you are worried you won't like, you can take a chance on it by borrowing from the library. If you read it and LOVE it, then you know. But if you borrow it and dislike it, then you return it and never have to think about it again.

A Peaceful Place to Relax or Study!
I think most libraries have a table (or more) and some chairs scattered around, which can make it a very peaceful place to take a small break or work on a project. (It is usually a pretty quiet place!) There also are computers that you can use (with a time limit) to use the internet. Which makes a great place to do research or even study for a little bit.

You Can Check Out Other Forms of Media.
My library has been getting a lot of DVDs (and some Blurays) that you can check out and borrow. Movies and TV shows. There are also some Audiobooks and Music Cds to check out. 

Librarians Talk Books With You
Librarians LOVE books too! So they will talk about books with you and when you check out a book that they have read and loved, they will recommend other books to read based on that! 

There is Something For Every Book Lover
I love that there are so many different kinds of books at the library. There is something for everyone. Books for kids, teens, young adults, tweens, adults, romance lovers, sci-fi lovers, non-fiction, how-to, cookbooks, etc. You also have a lot of books to look at and choose from based on your bookish mood!
It is Free
You can get a library card for free and check out several books at a time. (You just have to provide proof of residence- at my library, other libraries may require different things). I buy a ton of books throughout the year, but I love that there is a place I can go to borrow even more books for free. I can't afford to buy all the books (I wish I could) so having a library where I can borrow something I want to read is a great thing. 

I love going to the library! There are so many books to choose from and there is something for any book lover there. What are some reasons you LOVE the library?


  1. Library=Sanctuary. Best place ever.
    Great list.

  2. Although I most do audibooks now days, I still love going to the library. I find I get more done there than I do at home (on the computer).

    My TTT list


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