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Prancing Dancing Lily by Marsha Diane Arnold & Illustrated by John Manders

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Title: Prancing Dancing Lily

Author: Marsha Diane Arnold
Illustrator: John Manders
Length: 32 pages
Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers
Classification: Children's Book
Release Date: March 30, 2004
Source: Library Book
The cows in Lily's herd are always dignified as they walk from the barn to the pasture.  But Lily would much rather prance and dance!  One day Lily decides to leave the farm and venture out on her own.
All over the world-from New York City to Spain to Senegal-Lily learns new dances and makes wonderful friends.  But none of the dances are quite right for a cow, and soon Lily starts to miss home.  Will she ever find a place where she fits in?
Spirited, funny, and utterly uplifting, Prancing, Dancing Lily is sure to delight anyone who has ever felt different from the herd.

Cutie Pie is 9 years old & Cutie Pie #2 is 5 years old

First Thoughts:

Cutie Pie: I think that it is a lesson to never give up. And it is kind of funny.

Cutie Pie #2: I think the book is a little cute.

What is this book about?

Cutie Pie #1: It is about a cow named Lily, who wants to dance. But she can't find the dance for her. But she finally finds it.

Cutie Pie #2: About a dancing cow.

What was your favorite part of the story?

Cutie Pie: When she finally got to lead the line and found the perfect dance for her.

Cutie Pie #2: The ending.

Why did you like it?

Cutie Pie: Because it was a happy moment.

Cutie Pie #2: Because she had a drum.

Is there anything you didn't like about this book?

Cutie Pie: I liked it all.

Cutie Pie #2: No, I liked all of it.

Do you like the illustrations?

Cutie Pie: Yes, I think the illustrations are great.

Cutie Pie #2: Yes.

Who do you think will like this book?

Cutie Pie: Everyone.

Cutie Pie #2: Everyone.


Cutie Pie:
Cutie Pie #2

Prancing, Dancing Lily is a pretty cute story. Both of the girls enjoyed it. I love that Lily got to travel and try out several types of dance. I love it because it allows kids to have a glimpse at different dance styles from over the world. I also loved the message of "Never Give Up" that this story gives. Just keep trying and you will find what is right for you. I think this is a fun and entertaining story. The illustrations are great! I think it is a great story to read with young children.

My Rating:

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