Friday, April 11, 2014

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Fan Cast

This is my fan cast for Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor.

So I have been thinking about which actors best represent how I picture these characters in my mind. And it has been a bit tough (I'm having a really hard time having a dream cast for the chimaera characters) but here are some that come close that I have found so far:

Karou: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
I had a really hard time finding someone to pick for Karou and I am not sure that this is really how I picture her in my head. Who would you pick for Karou?

Akiva: Blair Redford

Zuzana: Ksenia Solo
I specifically pictured Ksenia pretty much in the beginning of reading Zuzana!

Mik: Nico Tortorella

Liraz: Jaimie Alexander
Yes, I know Liraz is supposed to have light hair, but I can't help it, I specifically pictured Jaimie in my head when I read both books in the series. And I haven't been able to picture a different person yet. 

Hazael: Alex Pettyfer

Thiago: Joseph Morgan

Brimstone: I think that whoever does the voice for Brimstone's character needs to have a deep voice. Just my thoughts. I just couldn't think of anyone whose voice I really wanted to be Brimstone. Suggestions?

Who are some actors and actresses that you think would be good characters for Daughter of Smoke & Bone?

Do you have any ideas for the chimaera characters?

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