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TV Thursday: How I Met Your Mother Season Finale (Contains Spoilers!)

TV Thursday: The How I Met Your Mother Series Finale

**This has spoilers about the ending of the TV show. So stop reading now if you don't want to know***

I know A LOT of you hate  (hate with the ferocity of a thousand burning suns hate) the ending to the series finale.

But I didn't hate the ending. I didn't LOVE it. But I also don't hate it.

Maybe it is because I didn't watch episodes 13-22 of this season...due to missing so many in a row, then deciding I didn't want to continue until I watched those episodes. Then I saw on Twitter about how many hated the ending, and I knew I would end up seeing spoilers somewhere about stuff that happened in the finale, so I watched it so I could still be surprised.

So maybe all of that allowed me to not have too high of expectations for the finale...

I am going to share my thoughts on the parts that I liked, that I was frustrated about, and what I feel.

I am sad that the show is over. Yes, it was a bit dragged out. Yes, we could have found out all the stuff about the mother a long time ago.

But I loved the friend relationships between these characters. I LOVE Lilly and Marshall. I love this show and I have watched it for years.

(And yes. I realize that these are fictional characters in a TV show and some people don't care about stuff like this, and I am aware that I can tend to ramble on like these are real people in real life...)

My Thoughts:

1. I felt the episode was really rushed. I wish that they could have made it a 2 hr. season finale so all of the stuff they packed into the last episode wouldn't have felt so rushed.

2. I love all the stuff with Lily and Marshall! I am happy that they are able were able to grow with their family. I am glad that they are happy and that Marshall is doing so well with his job. It made me really happy to watch their parts of the story. I am glad that they achieved so much!

3. I am disappointed that after this entire season has been pretty much all about Robin and Barney getting married (which I didn't really think was going to actually happen in the end...guess I was wrong) and they DID. To then so quickly find out that they divorced. It felt like a waste of a season. That it wasn't that important to the story.

4. Barney being Barney. I have thought for a long time now, that the only thing that was going to change Barney's ways was for him to have a daughter of his own. Having a daughter would totally change his life in so many ways. And I LOVED this moment in the show. This moment made me cry. I felt it was well done. I loved what he said to his baby girl. (And as someone that has two daughters, I remember that first time you hold that baby and you are so overcome with emotions and love.)

5. About the mother of Barney's baby: I feel that who the mother is isn't important. And I wasn't mad that they didn't include that in the story. It isn't about her. We know that Barney ends up with a baby. Having a spouse or girlfriend didn't change his life. The little one did. And we don't know if he ended up with the mom. Maybe she decided to give the baby up, and Barney is raising her as a single dad. Maybe they have shared custody of the baby. Maybe they did end up together and are raising her together. That feel that isn't what is important. The important thing is that he found love. And that love is for his daughter.

6. Also, regarding Barney and how he said that he didn't need a baby when he married Robin. That is not why they divorced. You can tell at the hospital that he didn't want a baby then either. It wasn't until he held that baby in his arms that he realized how much he wanted her. So I am not upset about this.

7. The Mother: I loved all the parts with Ted and Tracy. All those moments when they were together. I was surprised that it took them so long to get married. And I HATE that she died. I wanted more of them being together and being happy. I do dislike that we had all this build up about him meeting her, for us to only have a glimpse of them together. But I also understand that stuff like this does happen in real life. Not everyone gets their happy ending with the people they love.

8. Ted telling the kids the story about how he met their mother: To me at first it felt like a way for the three of them to remember the mother together. To think about her and miss her together. Not as a way to convince the kids that he really loves Robin. I didn't really like this part, because it then felt like the latter, when the kids start telling him to go for it with Aunt Robin. They are so excited and I feel that it overshadowed The Mother a bit. Maybe the kids really could be excited for their dad to move on, it had been 6 years. But I didn't really like this part.

9. Ted and Robin ending up together. I don't hate that they ended up together. And I am not really mad about it. I don't think that it took away from his love of Tracy. I feel that he really did love Tracy and I think that he was very happy with her until she died and he was left without her. I feel that if she wouldn't have died that he would have stayed with her and they would have been happy. I choose to believe that he did deeply love her and that she was one of his true loves. And I feel like Robin was the one that got away. And he went back to Robin to try another chance at true love.

That is what I think. I may be wrong. But everyone is entitled to their opinion.

 I want it to be noted and known that I do understand why people hate/are unhappy with the ending.

But I don't disown the series. I still love this show and I am sad that it ended. I will still re-watch my Dvds.

But like my mom pointed out to me, there are a lot of instances where we don't like the endings of TV shows or books. There are a lot of times that we are disappointed and upset over the ending. And this tends to happen a lot. (Yes, there some endings that are spectacular and people love.)

Those that didn't enjoy it, I'm sorry that you didn't like the ending.

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