Thursday, April 17, 2014

Family Game Night: Dungeon

**This post was originally published by me on my personal (family) blog from March 2012. (I have since taken that blog down) I thought it would be fun to share this post on here. This was one of my Family Game Night posts, and I hope to have more in the future.
At the time Cutie Pie was 5 years old.**

We love having Family Game Nights.  We played a game that was Leif's when he was a young boy. It is called Dungeon.

Each of us had to pick out a character. Cutie Pie picked out a Wizard, Leif was a Paladin and I picked out a Thief.
Cutie Pie's Character

My Character

I really like how easy the game is for Cutie Pie to play. She is able to know what she has to roll to be able to "defeat" a monster because it is all color coded.I should have taken a picture of one of the "Monster" cards, but I didn't think of it. Each monster card has different color numbers on it. Leif's character would attack on red, so he would have to roll higher than the red number (with 2 six-sided dice). Cutie Pie's character (as well as my character) would have to attack on green and have to roll higher than the green number. Cutie Pie's character got to start with 6 spells. She ended up picking out three fireballs and 3 lightning bolts. There are different levels of the dungeon, I think there were 6 total, but I only made it to level 5. Each level has different rooms that you go into. Once you enter a room there is a monster to be defeated, after you do that you get a random reward (treasure). Cutie Pie and Leif each had to get $30,000 worth of treasure to win, and I only needed $20,000. When we had to quit the game I ended up with like $18,000 in treasure, so I guess I technically won. Although we were mostly playing it together (not against each other). There are also secret doors, to be able to go through a secret door with one of our characters, you had to roll a 1 or a 2 on one six-sided die. There are "Secret Door" cards that you can get as a reward for defeating a monster, and these cards make it so you can automatically move through secret doors. Which is pretty awesome.

I really enjoyed playing the game. I look forward to the next time we get to play it again as a family.

A Picture of the Board From My Point of View

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