Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Movie Review: Veronica Mars


If you have been following my blog, then you have probably realized by now that Veronica Mars is one of my FAVORITE TV shows of pretty much all time. I was depressed when it was cancelled. I think I even might have signed some petitions to try and save the show.

So you could probably imagine my excitement and happiness when I found out that there was going to be a movie.

There was some of this happening:

I also felt like this:

I was ready to call everyone and share my excitement. Well I called my mom and told her because I got her liking the show too.

So of course I had to go see the movie in theaters.

I drove 1 & 1/2 hours to my closest AMC theater to meet my brother and one of my best friends to see the movie together.

And I was so excited. 

My brother has seen all of the show, and my best friend had only seen a couple episodes.

So after years of waiting for this moment to happen, I got to see Veronica Mars on the big screen.

My Rating: Love it. Can't wait to buy it.

I really loved the movie. And I am really looking forward to buying it on bluray when it comes out and watching it again and again.

Yes, I probably built up my expectations really high, so there were a few things in the movie that disappointed me. But not enough to ruin the movie for me.

It was interesting to see where Veronica was at the point that the movie started. Her life was really different than what I would have expected her life to be like.

Of course I think the cast was amazing. I loved seeing so many familiar faces make an appearance in the movie even if their parts were small. There were some characters that I didn't expect to make an apperance, and I actually gasped and got excited when I saw them.

(Of course, my friend kept looking at me because she didn't know who these characters were...)

But I think she did enjoy seeing the movie. Rob Thomas did an excellent job having a "wrap up/in case you didn't already know what happened" in the beginning of the film, that gives people that haven't watched the show the basics of what happened.
Granted, I still strongly suggest that people watch the show, because it is awesome.

There were some things that I was able to easily see coming, but there were some things that caught me by surprise.

When I got home from the movie, Leif asked me: "So was it worth it? After all this time, was the movie everything you wanted it to be?"

My first thought was. Logan (Jason Dohring) picking Veronica up at the airport in uniform. DEFINITELY WORTH IT ALL! LoVe. But seriously, I would love to have seen Logan in that uniform the entire movie. *insert swoony sigh here*

But really: Yes and no.

Yes, I think the movie was worth it. I am definitely glad that it was made. I am glad I saw it, and I will be happy when I own it.

Was it everything I wanted it to be? That is a difficult question. Because I don't know exactly what I wanted it to be. I love Piz. I love Logan. I don't know who I would rather her to be with.

I loved the mystery, even if I figured out the bad guy quickly into it. But I didn't know the whole story, so that keeps me from being disappointed in what happened.

There were shocks and twists. There were moments that made me sad. And there were moments that made me happy.

And best of all, I feel like I got the closure that I so desperately wanted when Veronica Mars was cancelled years ago.


I also felt that Rob left it open too. I felt that the ending left a nice set up for the story to be continued.

Well played, Mr. Thomas, well played indeed sir.
So I am hoping there will be more to Veronica's story.

I hope the other Veronica Mars fans enjoyed the movie as well.

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