Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Thoughts #10: Spoilers

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This weeks topic: July 17: Spoilers - Are you someone who likes to go into books blind or are a few spoilers nice to know? Does hearing spoilers before reading a book ruin the experience for you? Have you ever been spoiled by someone? Do you think there should be a policy or rule about spoilers where you can talk about something openly after x amount of years?

What a controversial topic this week.

When I first started blogging, I wrote spoilers in my reviews...but before you get mad at me, I MARKED them as spoilers. And in that section would be ANYTHING that I thought mentioned anything in the book. I was so worried about accidentally ruining something for someone. So anything and everything I pretty much marked as a spoiler.

But as I have slowly grown a little as a Blogger, I have been able to write my reviews and known a bit more about what is spoilerish and what is just known from the synopsis. (At least I think I have gotten better.)

With that being said I have a like-hate relationship with Spoilers.

I personally don't want to ruin anything for anybody. (I tend to hope that most people feel this way.)

And I personally hate being spoiled for Books, Movies, and TV shows. (For example: I found out the ending for The Sixth Sense before seeing the movie...back when it was just out like on VHS or DVD)

But then there are times when I am watching a TV show and I get so anxious that I will look stuff up and spoil things for myself. Then I tend to get mad at myself for not waiting.


I usually go in pretty blind. I tend to not even read the synopsis before starting the book. Sometimes I know a little bit, but I like to be surprised.

Hearing spoilers doesn't necessarily RUIN the book for me, but it will make me sad and disappoint me.
I did accidently see THE spoiler for Allegiant while I was reading it, because I saw all the horrible low star reviews for the book, so I clicked on the reviews and THERE WAS THE SPOILER IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS.
That person didn't need to do that. I wasn't searching for major spoilers, I just was wondering why so many people were giving it 1 star.
I still read the book and wrote up my own (Spoilers included but marked accordingly) review.
**And if you haven't read that book, sorry that you might not know the spoiler that I am talking about...***

I have been spoiled a lot recently for TV shows on Twitter and once by liking the Facebook page for a show.
Now I am trying not to pay attention to those shows since I am so far behind. I was pretty upset about being spoiled at the time. But I've since gotten over it.

I am not sure how I feel about making a rule for being able to openly talk about spoilers after X amount of time.

But I do like talking about spoilerish things about books with others that have also read the books and won't be spoiled.

After I first started by blog, I thought it would be cool to start a Spoiler Discussion chat group, where each month we could discuss a new book and have a Skype chat, where everyone included would be others that have read the book and then we can all gush and talk about the spoilerish things without ruining it for anyone.
But I wasn't sure if there was already something like this being done, or if anyone would participate.

I think I got off on tangents a lot for this post. Hopefully everyone can make sense of the points I was trying to get across.


  1. AHH, in all caps?!

    It's hard, because I feel like after a while, surely everyone has read the book, right? But we all know that's not true, so I try to be careful still. Sometimes it gets old trying to be so vague, though, doesn't it?

    1. I agree. It can be hard. Especially with older books. And it is hard to be vague. Sometimes I just want to write about the big reveals and stuff too, those parts can be very exciting, so it is hard to not write about why I loved those parts in reviews. But I don't want to ruin anything so I don't.

  2. My view on spoilers is sort of ambivalent. I sometimes seek them out, sometimes avoid. But it doesn't actually "spoil" something for me, because I'm used to it -- I'm a medievalist by training, and it's hard not to know what happens in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight or Beowulf in advance, at least in that field. I focus more on how things happen than what exactly happens.

    My post.

    1. I sometimes seek out spoilers too, with TV shows. I tend to watch shows seasons late or when they are no longer on TV. And sometimes I get so impatient to figure things out and I will Google something to find out, but I still watch the show, so I don't see it as really spoiling it.
      So you make a very good point. Spoilers can be different for everyone. Thanks for stopping by!


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