Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday Thoughts #9: Book Tastes

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This weeks topic: July 10: Book Tastes- Currently, do you feel like you have a set genre or type of book that is your go-to and people know as "your genre?" Is there a genre that you've always loved or been drawn to in particular? Have you noticed your taste in books changing over time? Is there a genre or type of book that you used to love, but no longer read/enjoy? If so, what genre and why do you think that is?

I think that I usually read and enjoy a variety of genres.

Current Genre?

I think currently I am on a Fantasy and Contemporary kick. I have found myself reading a lot of Contemporary books lately and this is a genre that I haven't really found myself reading a lot of before.
I am not sure if there is a genre that people will say "That is so Stephanie".
But my friends and family do know that I enjoy reading Young Adult books.

Always Loved.

I think I have always loved Dystopia/Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic type books. As well as Fantasy.

I remember reading The Giver, Brave New World, and Alas, Babylon in school and I enjoyed those books.
I was also I huge fan of Harry Potter.

Taste in Books Changing Over Time.

Before I started my blog I would have told you that I mostly read Dystopian and Paranormal books.
I hardly read any Contemporary (Pretty much just Meg Cabot.)
I read a lot of Vampire books.

But now I have been reading a variety of different Genres. But mostly sticking to Dystopia, Fantasy, Contemporary, Sci-Fi, and Retellings.

So I think my taste has changed a little, but I am still reading the same kind of books that I read before my blog. Just not much about Vampires anymore.

Used to Love, But Don't Read Much of Anymore?

I guess Paranormal and Vampire type books would fall into this category. I read did go through a phase of reading a lot of different Vampire series. And I do plan on finishing the series that I already started. But I read so many other types of books now. I don't focus only on these books.

I do still read and enjoy the Paranormal genre, but I don't stick only with Vampire books in this genre anymore.

What is your favorite genre? Do you like to read a variety? Is there a genre you no longer enjoy reading as much or at all anymore?


  1. You've seen my post, so you know what my tastes are, haha. I agree with you about vampire books -- I think I used to read more of them than I do now.

    1. Yeah, I am not really sure why I don't read them as much, but there was a period where it was pretty much the only genre that I had been reading, and I am so glad that I branched out and started reading some others.

  2. I do read a variety... I tend to drift more towards High fantasy and Fairy Tale Retellings, I tend to not read many paranormal books anymore- just not my thing (vampires ghosts zombies demons etc)

    1. That is awesome! I LOVE Fairy Tale Retellings so much. And I am liking some of the other classic retellings that I have been reading. And I think I have been getting into High Fantasy some more lately than before. I am looking forward to checking out more in that genre.

  3. Amazing answer! I have recently started reading more fantasy and contemporary books, but my go to genre did used to be dystopian. Our tastes seem quite similar right now, in that sense. I am loving all the contemps right now, can't seem to get enough of them. Here's my answer.

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean, I feel like lately every few books that I have been reading have been contemporary books. And I am really happy that since blogging, I have branched out more.


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