Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday Thoughts #8: Reading Conditions

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This weeks topic: July 3: Reading Conditions- Is there somewhere you always read or spend the most time reading (ie. your bed, couch, comfy chair)? What time of day do you usually read or is it varied? Are you the type of person who can read with music on? Do you become easily distracted under certain conditions? If so, which conditions? What is your ideal reading setting and situation?
I usually enjoy reading in several different places.

  1. My Big Comfy Over-sized Chair. I LOVE reading here. It is pretty comfortable and I find it easy to read. I also have a foot stool thingy that I can prop my feet up on. But a lot of times I lounge in my chair with my feet on the chair as well. I think this is my favorite reading spot for reading physical books.
  2. My Bed. I love reading when laying down in bed before going to sleep, but it can get a little uncomfortable after a while. If I read for a long time in my bed I will constantly switch positions. Either laying on my back, my side, sometimes I sit up and try to read that way. I really enjoy reading my Kindle when I am in bed. 
  3. My Swing on my Screened-In Front Porch. Sometimes I really enjoy sitting on the swing and read while my children play on the porch. Specifically in the Fall and Winter seasons, because it gets pretty hot being outside in FL during the other series. I like to be out when the weather is nice. I have spent a lot of time reading on this swing. We really like reading Children's Books outside on the swing together. 
Pretty much I have a VARIED reading schedule. But I really do enjoy reading at night after my girls are asleep before I go to bed. This has resulted in me staying up WAY too long and getting so wrapped up in a book that I don't get much sleep. 

I CAN"T read while listening to music. I am the type of person that loves to sing and bop my head along with the music. (And I couldn't do it with classical/instrumental music either...I would pay too much attention to the music and have to keep reading the passages over and over.) 

I usually have good concentration, but I can at times get easily distracted while reading. But pretty much only under certain conditions.

I can't read when the TV is on, unless it is something that I have already seen several times (and even then I can get distracted) or kids programming. 
But when I visit my grandparents, and they have the TV on and I am in the same room with them and reading, I tend to keep looking up at the TV and stop paying attention to the words on the page. I have a hard time blocking it out.

And sometimes I can't read when I am around family. It might be quiet and we will be doing our own thing, but then they will start a conversation. I can't even remember how many times I will be sitting in my chair in the living room and Leif will be doing something on the computer while I am reading. Then he will start talking to me. (Because this is the time to talk, not all the time before I started reading...) Then I will lose my place, start reading again, then after a minute he will start telling me something else. 
So it can be hard to read sometimes when I am in the same room as him. So sometimes I will go lay down in the bedroom if it is something I am really wanting to read or finish that night. 

My IDEAL reading situation would be:
My comfy chair, a pillow to prop up against, with a nice cozy blanket. By myself. Kids sleeping. 

How about you? Where is your favorite reading spot? Do you have different favorite spots depending on the type of book you are reading? Do you have a specific reading time or is it varied...or maybe a combo of both like me? Do you read while listening to music? Reading Distractions? 


  1. I have the same problem reading a room with the TV. Moving pictures and voices are a perfect recipe for distraction, even when I'm not interested at all in what's going on. Oh the episodes of Spooks and the random WWII films I ended up watching with Grandad! (Also NCIS, but I'm an NCIS fan anyway.)

    My post.

    1. Exactly! I won't be interested in what is on the TV, but I still end up stopping and paying attention to it instead of the book. I am not sure why the only exception has been children's programming.

  2. It seems we are very similar! I usually read on my really comfy couch, but I can't have the music or TV on either. Background noise usually kills my concentration (though I don't seem to have a problem with conversations going on around me). I also like to read in bed, but I shift around a lot, too.

    Danielle @ Love at First Page

    1. Yay. I wish conversations didn't distract me as much as they do. It would be nice to be able to block out everything around me and be able to focus solely on the book in my hand.
      Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. I just graduated, so I still live at home, but I cannot wait to have my own space. I want a big, comfy chair. We don't really have anything at home, so I mainly just read in my teeny room on my bed.

    Cassie @ Happy Book Lovers

    1. Having your own space can be so nice. And I love my big comfy chair, I hope you find the perfect one for you! And reading on the bed can be nice. :D
      Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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