Saturday, February 7, 2015

February 2015 Featured Blogger: Brittany from Please Feed The Bookworm!

I have been enjoying getting to know some awesome book bloggers since starting my blog. And decided that it would be fun to start a Featured Blogger of the Month interview. I know that there are a lot of other blogs that have monthly Featured Bloggers & Featured Authors, and I love getting to know other bloggers.

February's Featured Blogger is 

Brittany currently blogs at Please Feed The Bookworm.

(I love her blog! Love the name, love the design, and love her posts!)

And you can also find her blogging at WinterHaven Books!

You can find her on Twitter as well! @kalebsmome

If you don't already follow or know Brittany, then I definitely think you should!

She is so sweet and she always makes me smile.

Thank you so much, Brittany for always being so helpful and for being my first Featured Blogger!

1. What does your current and/or upcoming Bookish Itinerary look like?
My bookish itinerary looks something like this... first  I will be riding my water horse through Maggie Stiefvater's Scorpio Races.  After that I take a hard right into the terrifying mind of Lauren Oliver and her book Invisible Girls. If I make it out of that one unscathed (which chances are lookin' pretty slim) I will be taking a trip to the Kingdom of Averand where I will follow a lost spirit & princess on their quest for a magic needle. Whew, I'm tired just thinking about it.
2. List some of your favorite places books have already taken you.
Some place books have taken me? I have already been...hmm this one is tough since I have been all over the place, mostly tromping through some fantasy like area. If there was fae, witches, shape shifters, or any of the above...I was most likely there.
3. If you could go anywhere, (real or fictional) where would you want to go the most?
If I could go anywhere I would definitely want to go to Hogwarts but only if I got the be a wizard as well. If I wasn't allowed to wizard then I would travel to wonderland since im pretty sure i'd fit in just fine. 
4. If you could travel anywhere with any book character, which character would you pick and where would you go?
I think I would like to go with Prince Caspian to Narnia please...enough said right?
5. Which book character are you most like?
Which character do I consider my self the most like? Alice in wonderland of course. I'm always saying odd things and just never quite feel...myself I suppose you could say.

Thank you again, Brittany, for answering my questions! I love your answers and I hope you enjoy reading the books on your Bookish Itinerary! 

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