Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #45: Book Related Problems I Have

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February 17: Ten Book Related Problems I Have (could be serious or fun!)

1. Running Out of Space: I am running out of places to put my books. I have several bookshelves and they are all pretty much full. To the point that I am a little worried that some of the shelves will break...I have piles of books in random places, including our bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, and on my desk. And I have been told that I can't buy another bookshelf anytime soon due to the fact that there isn't anywhere to put one. 

2. Not Enough Time: My daughter (Cutie Pie 8 y/o) has informed me that "You probably won't be able to read all books you want to read before you die". So I am pretty well aware that I have a limited time to READ ALL THE BOOKS. 

3. The Never Ending To Buy List: I think there will always be books that I want to buy. I am constantly finding more books that I just need to get. And the fact that there are continuously books coming out that I feel the need to buy. The list is so very long! 

4. Losing Sleep: A lot of times I don't mind the fact that books keep me up WAY PAST my bedtime. But there are some times in the morning when it is time to get up and I think, "hmmm...maybe I shouldn't have stayed up til 3 AM to finish that chapter/book".

5. Bookish Hangovers: I don't think I have experienced too many of these. But for me sometimes hangovers can feel really good. (Though you are left longing to still be in the book world that you just finished reading about.) The only problem with bookish hangovers is not know what to read next, sometimes it can be really hard to follow such an amazing book. Which will make me go a few days without really reading anything.

6. I'd Rather Be Reading Than ______ (Fill in the blank!): This isn't too much of a problem for me when it comes to things like: I'd rather be reading than going out. Though I have been hearing that I should try and get out more, that I should be a little more social. I like reading, and yeah, pretty much 100% of the time I would rather be reading than going to the store. (It does sometimes become a problem when I have to stop reading so I can go buy groceries...)

7. That Feeling You Get When You Find Out The Release Date For A Highly Anticipated Book/Sequel: Sometimes that date feels like it is FOREVER away! Like when the date for Winter got pushed back due to Fairest coming out. Or when I finished Heir of Fire and now I am DYING for more. Ice Like Fire is another book that I would "sell my soul" for. (I NEED it!)

8. Books Getting Messed Up: Sometimes it is easy for books to get messed up. Like forgetting I have a paperback book in my purse and the corner cover gets folded. Or I forget that I left my books sitting out by my chair and my kids accidentally throw a ball which knocks over a glass of water onto my pile of books. 

9. Book Events: Okay, so I don't get that jealous (or at least I try really hard not to feel jealous), but there are times where I feel sad because I don't get to go to a lot of awesome book events and signings. There just aren't that many around where I live, and I unfortunately can't afford to travel long distances to go to any. (Though I hope that I will be able to attend one in the future!)

10. I Forget Which Books I Already Have: So sometimes when I am at a book sale (like Friends of the Library sales) I will pick up a book that I already have because I have forgotten that I already have it. It doesn't happen often. But it has happened more than three times. (I am especially guilty of this when it comes to books for my girls. I have a hard time keeping up with which Children's Books we already own.)

Tell me some of your book related problems!


  1. I can relate to SO many of these problems! There are just too many books out there to be found. My free time pretty much is spent reading. Great list! My TTT

  2. OMG YOUR 8YRS OLD JUST CRUSHED MY DREAMS. *cries forever* I'm fairly certain I CAN read all the books of ever. Failing that, I could get a clone? Or the fountain of youth?? I CAN DO SOMETHING. XD lol
    Crushed or ruined books absolutely destroys me too. :(
    Here's my TTT!

  3. Great list! I hate running out of shelf space. I tend to always stay up too late reading all the time too! I JUST CAN'T STOP READING SOMETIMES. Okay... maybe all the time. But still! I tend to get most of my reading done at night. Thanks for sharing. :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian


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